Families with global interests require customized solutions.
Thanks to our international expertise we have a long history of servicing international clients with a focus on LATAM and US regions.
Our objective is to assist our clients in their long-term planning targets and to facilitate the flexible and individualized transfer of families’ wealth to the next generations.

With a strong international background, we respond to the global needs of our clients with a multilingual team with expertise in cross-border issues, and through an established network of specialists in major financial centers.

We support our clients and their family members before, during and after their transfers from one country to another, ensuring a proper wealth structuring.
In principle, prior to the transfer of residence to a foreign country, the transfer of part of the assets to trusts can achieve different advantages.
For instance, the establishment of a trust prior to the transfer to Switzerland allow the foreign settlor to correctly structured the family estate.

A United States expat family in Switzerland, a U.S. person married to a Swiss spouse, a non-US resident investing in the United States will need to have a tailored cross-border estate plan which prevents adverse consequence from a US tax perspective. Correctly tailoring that cross-border estate plan will require legal and tax experts with a deeper understanding of the relevant estate/succession/gift/generation-skipping transfer tax laws in each of the relevant countries that may factor in the distribution of property prior to and upon death.
We assist our clients in analyzing the potential tax implications of dedicated asset protection and estate planning structures like foreign grantor and non-grantor trusts.

With dedicated Latin America specialists, our clients will benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in facilitating successful cross-border business ventures.
Our Latin-American clients benefit from our in-depth network and expertise within Switzerland and Europe, while our specialized knowledge of local Latin-American markets and its legal systems enable us to support clients seeking to invest in that region as well.