Francesco is a certified EFFAS Financial Analyst and operates in Capital Trustees as an international tax consultant for trusts, corporations and private clients. After acquiring his LLM, he consolidated his cross border tax law expertise by working for over twenty years in boutique consultancy firms, focusing on trust and estate planning. Beyond being a well-known and respected member of the STEP community in Switzerland, he is now serving as Deputy Chairman, and previously served as Chair, of the Lugano branch Committee.

Languages: English, French, Italian

Michele is a qualified attorney-at-law and member of the International Bar Association. For ten years, he has honed his legal expertise by working for top-tier boutique law firms, acquiring a solid background in trust formation and related international regulation. As an LLM  tax expert, he manages multi-jurisdictional structures for high net worth clients, with a focus on the European and Middle East markets. Michele is also a qualified Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) and a member of the Italian STEP Chapter.

Languages. English, Italian

Filippo owns a J.D. and at Capital Trustees he works on the implementation of complex multi-national wealth planning structures for high net worth families, with an expertise in the US and Latin American markets. He has a strong legal background acquired at top tier Italian boutique law firms specialising in trust implementation. Filippo is a Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) co-opted in the Swiss STEP Chapter committee; he is also an active member of the Swiss International multi-branch Committee in charge, among all, of the organisation of the Switzerland and Liechtenstein STEP conference.

Languages. English, Italian


Antonio is an accounting specialist and is responsible for the management of corporate structures, including all tax matters related to corporate entities involved in trust funds. With twenty years of experience in the trust sector, at Capital Trustees he oversees all accounting and bookkeeping operations and he is in charge of corporate business development in the Eastern European market.

Languages. English, Italian, Russian, Croatian, French, German

Marco owns a degree in Business Administration. At Capital Trustees he is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of trust funds. With twenty years of experience matured both in a big four consultancy firm and in boutique trustee companies, he focuses on trust accounts and administration. Marco is a qualified Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) and member of the Swiss STEP Chapter.

Languages. English, French, Italian

Silvia owns a J.D. in corporate Law and is a Certified Cantonal Accountant. At Capital Trustees she oversees trusts’ operations and administrative processes. She has a background in the corporate administration sector, with a focus on business analysis and corporate accounting in relation to trust structures.

Languages: English, German, Italian


Barbara is a qualified attorney-at-law. At Capital Trustees she serves as both in-house legal advisor and head of the Compliance department, while also outsourcing a wide range of compliance services to small and medium trust companies. With more than 25 years of experience, she has matured an expertise in the wealth-planning sector, acquiring a strong background in trust structuring and compliance services. Barbara is also a qualified Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) and a member of the Swiss STEP Chapter.

Languages. English, French, Italian


Franz is responsible for the supply of Private Client services and the development of client relationships. Over ten years, he has developed an expertise in providing HNWI with top quality wealth planning services by working for a boutique law firm and several financial institutions, also acquiring a strong background within the Eastern European market.

Languages. English, French, Italian


Alessandra owns a Master in Economics & Management of Arts and Cultural Heritage. At Capital Trustees, she focuses on trusts and the implementation of wealth-planning structures involving art, luxury and collectible goods. Alessandra has previously worked for a major modern art museum in the US, and after having acquired her Master in family Office, she has consolidated her experience in the Private Client sector by working in the Family Office industry. She is a member of the Swiss STEP Chapter.

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian

IT & Cybersecurity

Daniele is responsible for the data protection and cybersecurity systems implemented at Capital Trustees. With more than twenty years of experience in systems engineering, he ensures the safe handling of sensitive data at all levels and across all departments; furthermore, he is in charge for the implementation of data protection systems at corporate level for the firm’s clients. He is member of the ATED ICT, Crypto Valley and Swiss Finance Technology associations, having acquired a strong knowledge of the FinTech industry.

Languages: English, Italian, French, German