Trust Setup & Trustee Services

Trust Setup & Trustee Services

The versatility that distinguishes it makes trust a powerful tool in the hands of the wealth planner. It can be declined in many different ways, serving the most disparate purposes, both in the commercial and private sector, if necessary combining, so as to enhance its merits and limit its defects, with other legal instruments.

The trust concentrates in itself the segregation function of the patrimony in it disposed and that programmatic-devolutive of the same, realizing in this way the protection of the patrimony that the prudent Customer is looking for.

The intrinsic flexibility of the trust allows us, including the individual goals and needs of the individual who turns to our expertise, to “stitch” his “trust” on him.

The relationship of trust and closeness that we establish and daily we cultivate with our Clients legitimizes us to assume, in the exclusive interest of them and their loved ones, delicate roles such as those of trustees or co-trustees.

If requested, we can also perform the office of guardian in trusts administered by third parties.

We carry out our business with seriousness and rigor, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Swiss Association of Trust Companies (SATC). We operate in the context of a country, Switzerland, which has ratified the Convention relating to the law applicable to trusts and their recognition concluded in The Hague on July 1, 1985 and in which therefore the trust institution has received since years full and complete legitimization.