Cayman Islands public can now inspect lists of company directors for KYD50 fee

Members of the public in the Cayman Islands can now view the names of current directors of companies incorporated there, following the coming into effect of the Companies (Amendment) Law 2019 and Limited Liability Companies (Amendment) Law 2019 on 1 October.

The legislation is required to meet the recommendations set out in the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force’s fourth round mutual evaluation report, issued in March 2019. Names of the current managers of a limited liability company are also being made available.

However, the government has chosen not to make the information available online. Access to the lists can only be obtained by making a personal visit to the government administration building on Elgin Avenue, where the General Registry is located, and using a special electronic kiosk in the lobby. An official of the General Registry will oversee all viewings, and will collect an administrative fee of KYD50 for each request.

Applicants can inspect only the record of a known company. They cannot search the register to find out which companies are served by a particular director or manager. The kiosks do not provide hard copies of the list of directors or managers, although applicants will be permitted to take notes.

The list gives only the names of the current directors, and will not include the directors’ addresses or any historic information about previous directors.