Tailor made solutions for the highest level of asset protection

Thanks to its flexibility, the Trust can be a powerful tool in wealth planners’ hands.  Its adaptability allows it to serve the most disparate purposes, both in the commercial and private sector, and, if necessary, it can be combined with other legal instruments in order to enhance desired effects or limit certain faults.

A Trust’s best traits are its capacity to segregate wealth while also organizing for its transfer, thus ensuring asset protection and reasoned distribution across generations. 

Segregating heritage means making it insensitive to individual and personal events of those involved with the Trust, such as the Settlor, the Trustee, the protector, or the Beneficiaries. Therefore, their creditors will not be able to rely for their claims on any of the segregated assets.


Such features allow an expert Trustee to tailor wealth structures on client’s needs in order to achieve optimal management and control over the tool. This will guarantee the fulfilment of their interests and those of their loved ones, especially if the Trust will entail the set-up of other roles such as co-Trustees, Protectors, or Advisory Committees.



Identifying risks and planning ahead

Assets need protection from a range of ever-changing threats, including political risks, legislative changes and financial crises. Facing the increased complexity of global regulation, tax transparency and cross-border issues, concerning both corporate investment and family related scenarios, Capital Trustees aims at delivering tailor-made solutions through the implementation and administration of carefully designed asset-holding vehicles.  


Monitoring international regulatory developments enables us to respond to the needs of ‘global’ families, whose members may be resident in different countries, may have multiple citizenships or hold a range of properties, financial assets and business interests in various jurisdictions. Appropriate wealth planning thus requires a careful preliminary assessment that takes into account lifestyle, taxation, social security and insurance, as well as the succession plans.