We listen to our customers and take the time to know and understand their individual needs.

Each customer is assisted by a single reference consultant, responsible for the services dedicated to him, in Switzerland and abroad, which acts as a trait d’union between the customer and the various professionals present in Capital Trustees AG 

Our team consists of lawyers and certified accountants in various jurisdictions, an experienced, multilingual and multidisciplinary staff, able to directly assist our Clients in Switzerland and abroad. Where this is necessary or appropriate, we can also count on an international network of highly competent specialists.

Capital Trustees has specialised teams operating in dedicated departments; this work method allows our structure to always meet with competence the needs of each client, through a designed and tailor-made service.

The team’s activities can be classified both on a territorial basis and by thematic areas of interest:

  • USA

Capital Trustees has a work group dedicated exclusively to the wealth planning needs of US persons, focusing on tax and legal issues, together with cases involving the relocation of assets and persons.


The advisory services provided by our LATAM team is based on real professional experiences, matured in years of collaboration with professionals operating in single local jurisdictions. The group assists clients in therir wealth planning and international mobility projects.  

  • Middle East & Africa

A deep knowledge of the culture, the needs, and the dynamics influencing private clients coming from these regions, together with a wide network of partners located in the major local economic hubs, allow our dedicated team to meet the requests of the client and advise him closely, helping him in wealth planning choices regarding him and his family.  

  • Corporate Trusts

Capital Trustees offers a high stand consultancy service on corporate level through a highly qualified team, with knowledge on corporate law issues and the structuring process of corporate operations. Specifically, our professionals are specialised in the implementation of structures such as guarantee trusts, bond trusts, voting trusts or employee benefit trust.

  • Art & Collectibles

Some asset classes differ from the others, as they need a more technical approach, characterised by highly specialised professionals. Capital Trustees has a qualified department specialised in the management and protection of works of art and art collections (together with other collectibles), bringing added value to the assets and guaranteeing therefore their correct management and best protection.

  • FinTech

The FinTech revolution has brought considerable changes to the composition of HNWI’s wealth.  For this reason, Capital Trustees has invested in the acquisition of internal know-how, creating its own team which is always up to date with the industry’s news, with the aim to provide an informed advisory service always oriented towards future tendencies.

  • Philantropy

Our clients’ philanthropic goals are always approached with a project management mind-set.  For instance, the professionals operating in this department have deep knowledge of the steps and processes for a successful implementation of the settlor’s philanthropic goals, and they are capable of aligning them with the need for continuous operational activities and financial resources.