Corporate: Domestic and International Services

Corporate: Domestic and International Services

Capital Trustees can operate in Switzerland as well as in many other jurisdictions, directly or taking advantage of an international network of experts with proved experience.

Our experienced team, working closing with our clients legal and accounting advisors, provides a wide range of corporate services to various forms of companies in Switzerland and abroad.

  • Company formation and ongoing services

Our specialists can establish and manage a wide range of companies in Switzerland and abroad. We can take responsibility from the formation to the administration of the Company, including maintaining of corporate records, opening and managing of bank accounts and ensuring compliance with company law and regulatory requirements. Our services may also include mandate on board of directors as well as handle domiciliary aspects.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our experts and qualified accountants can provide accounting services to companies in accordance with Swiss and international accounting. The service may also include HR administration and payroll accounting and taking responsibilities over any HR connected matter, including compliance on social security obligation.

Our service may include preparation of management accounts as well as preparation of management and control reporting.