Fintech Services

Switzerland hosts many of the most visionary entrepreneurs and pioneers of technologies applied to cryptography. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), instead of imposing onerous compliance with pre-established models from above, encourages forms of self-regulation by market participants and adopts a non-standardized approach, focusing its analysis on the existence or not of the promoters of the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) of obligations deriving from current regulations, on the economic function attributable to the single token distributed against the investment and on the objectives concretely pursued by the promoters.

As proof of its collaborative approach, FINMA has set up a specific FinTech Desk with the main purpose of providing assistance to the promoters of ICO and their consultants and published guidelines that explain the principles to which FINMA is inspired to deal with the requests received.

A consequence of all this is that more than ten of the world’s biggest ICOs have been launched in Switzerland, dozens are at an advanced stage and hundreds more are in a still embryonic phase.

Capital Trustees has embraced the blockchain revolution and is able to offer a personalized assistance service to entrepreneurs interested in starting or developing a business in the FinTech sector.

In particular, Capital Trustees has developed its expertise in relation to ICOs. It is able to support its customers and / or their consultants in the identification of the legal structure most appropriate to the case, in the analysis of the overall tax impact on the natural and legal persons involved, taking care, depending on the type of distribution token, the drafting of the white paper or the prospectus.

Capital Trustees can in particular dialogue with FINMA’s FinTech Desk in order to clarify the existence and the extension of the contact points between the single ICO and the current law regarding financial markets, as well as, in more general terms, the numerous issues of a juridical nature raised by the ICOs, on which there is still neither a relevant jurisprudence nor a univocal legal doctrine

Capital Trustees is also able to interface with the Tax Authorities with the purpose of agreeing an efficient tax ruling.

If requested, Capital Trustee can collaborate with the entrepreneur in relation to investor research, digital marketing and roadshowing.

After ICO, Capital Trustee can continue to provide assistance, taking care of the recurring activities, such as accounting and fiduciary management of the various entities in the structure, taking care of the compliance and reporting costs, maintaining relations with investors.

Additional IT services that Capital Trustees can provide are infrastructure support, proprietary private cloud hosting, and information security (including customized packages).