Relocation Services

Contemporaneity is characterized by an ever increasing mobility of people and capital. It is now part of the experience of having more cosmopolitan families, whose members spend periods of their lives in different countries, for needs of study, work or more simply lifestyle choices.

The new technologies have substantially reduced physical and cultural distances between people, but any more or less lasting transfer in a new country still presents elements of difficulty, bureaucratic and organizational, as well as some pitfalls, particularly of a fiscal nature, which, if not recognized and “defused” in time, could cause highly undesirable negative consequences.

We support our customers and their families before, during and after their transfers from one country to another, ensuring that we minimize logistic, settlement and bureaucratic difficulties, while at the same time optimizing the whole process from the point of fiscal view.

By way of example, we can take an interest in finding the most suitable property for the Client’s needs, carrying out administrative procedures linked to the issue of residence permit where required, health care, export and import of registered personal property.

With particular reference to Switzerland, we have on numerous occasions taken care of obtaining from our Clients who do not personally carry out lucrative activities in the country of being a “globalist”; this status allows them to fully fulfill their tax obligations by paying a small, flat-rate sum, adjusted to their standard of living.

We assist companies and entrepreneurs in the cross-border transfer of companies and companies, identifying the most suitable locations to host the commercial or industrial activities of the customer and interfacing with local authorities in order to collect as soon as possible all authorizations necessary for the continuation of activities and, where admitted, obtain the best tax ruling obtainable.