Wealth Structuring

There are many factors that could jeopardize assets, some obvious other latent ones, multiple potentially destabilizing factors; they can find their origin both inside and outside the family.

Some are easily identifiable – endofamily disagreements, separations and divorces, creditors’ claims – others could at first appear less evident, but not for this reason be less insidious: the exercise of entrepreneurial activity in a direct way, the assumption of personal guarantees, the lack of a adequate planning of the generational transition and consequent absence of subjects able to “inherit” the management of the family activities,excessive fragmentation of the estate due to subsequent succession of inheritance and consequent its “ungovernability” and inevitable depreciation, even unexpected longevity of the owner of said assets. In the absence of due planning, in fact, he could survive his savings and find himself in difficulty at a time when, precisely because of his age and hypothesis in precarious health conditions, he might not be able to cope autonomously with their own life needs.

The protection of the Customer’s assets is achieved, identified the risk factors present in the individual case of the species, through the segregation and programming of the same

Segregating a heritage means isolating it and making it insensitive to the individual and personal events of the various subjects that revolve around it: its owner, the persons in charge of its management, those who will prospectively benefit from it. The creditors of all these can not rely on the segregated assets, their heirs can not aspire to obtain a fraction.

Planning a heritage means organizing it by giving it a purpose. Assert it to strict rules that can guarantee its protection from the identified risk agents, perpetuating its value over time and, possibly, gradually increasing it. Strengthened by experience gained over decades of activity, we are able to assist our customers who wish, allocating part of their assets to one or more specific purposes, protect themselves and their families, preparing for time countermeasures to the reversals that the life could reserve them.

Including the needs and analyzed the peculiarities of the individual customer, we are able to offer him the technically most virtuous and fiscally compliant solution. Our team consists of lawyers and accountants qualified in various jurisdictions, profound connoisseurs of the most sophisticated and efficient legal instruments functional to implement a concrete asset protection.